Sunday, July 7, 2013


We've always wondered what it could hold. So much that we've made theories of it in the form of TV, books, and films. As much as I love watching Futurama, we'll be lucky if New York ever looks that clean. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't lose hope on the future, or have too much of it. What'll happen can be changed, but not stopped. The future is our decision based on how we've reacted to the past. What happens to us is our decision.
How would what you've done today affect the future? Would you regret it? Miss it? Try to recreate it? Don't try. It would erase the memory of the first time it happened. That time was more special anyway. In the future, memories are the only thing that'll keep you from going insane. Humans hate change, even when they create it. Even if it's for the best. We'll miss the time when we thought it was worse. How foolish we were.
Places will change. People will disappear. Friendships will shatter. If you could travel 20 years into the future right now, you'd probably cry. But we wouldn't as time gradually continues. Because we'll miss the things we enjoyed less and less. Until eventually, we won't care about them anymore. We wouldn't see our friends and hug them as we would if we traveled through time in a matter of seconds. Because they wouldn't be part of our memories anymore.
According to a certain episode of Futurama, dogs forget their owners if they are abandoned for 10 human years or more. They'd probably remember us longer than we'd remember the sort of things we cared about. Because of this, I'd hate to own a time machine. (Unless it was the TARDIS, of course. And if the 10th doctor still owned it. Who wouldn't want to fight Daleks alongside David Tennant? ;3)

stay epic, my mofos

Moving On

Something you can never do when you try to convince yourself. Because you don't have a choice over when you move on from something. You just do. When your brain is ready, which is usually a long time after you are. When it's no longer important enough to take up space in your mind. But you won't feel accomplished because of it. It wouldn't matter that much anymore. You'll barely notice a difference.
If you force that kinda shit, it'll make you suffer longer. Find a hobby or something. Try to knit a winter hat. Don't think about it. Don't let it affect your life to much. Just go with shit and you'll be okay. If you need to, talk to a counselor or therapist about your problems so they can steal $100 from you. It may or may not make you feel better about the situation (lol probably not)
But there's a future waiting for you, and you're stuck in the past worrying about some shit that shouldn't even matter anymore. Snap the fuck out of it. Ain't nobody gonna give a shit. Just wait for it, and the world will look brighter. (but it's still gonna be shit in reality)

stay epic, my mofos

Friday, July 5, 2013

When Problems Are Deep

We see them as the big picture. What they are entirely. And that's too challenging for us. If we just dive in, we'll probably fail. Because problems have layers, and we're trying to break them all at once. And when we fail, we give up. But that problem won't solve itself. It's so big and terrifying that we don't manage to see all the flaws in it. 
Shit like that should be solved in an organized manner. Break it down into smaller problems that can be solved and fix those first. As you get farther through it, nothing will seem scary anymore. And when you're finally finished, you'll notice that it wasn't hard at all. It just made itself seem intimidating because you weren't sure where to start.
All big problems are really just lots of little ones put together. Solve them with patience. It applies to almost everything. From cleaning your room, to doing your homework, and even life. Challenges in life are a problem. Face them respectively and you'll be okay.

stay epic, my mofos

Thursday, July 4, 2013


There's a reason for the title. I can't think of anything to talk about. It's not that my mind is empty. Nothing is ever truly empty. But other things are taking up more of the space in my brain. Like cat videos and re-watching all five seasons of Teen Titans. That means a sense of emptiness actually has something to do with levels of importance. We feel empty because something more important has taken the fullness away. In this case, an adorable video of a kitten in a box.
So if you are feeling empty, you have two options. Find some kitten videos to adsorb your mind in. Or you can try to find the reason why you feel that way. And when you find that reason, fucking destroy it. (Unless it's alive or has a lot of value, then don't fuck anything up)
I can't really think of any other shit to tell you, because my mind is full of useless shit. But I'm fine with that, as long as you people don't mind me sounding derpy. [extra sentences to add emphasis]

stay epic, my mofos

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You

A lot of the world is hidden from us, as something will always be. But we usually think that's a good thing. Especially if there's children in the room. We give them a false representation of how the world works. Because the truth would most likely hurt them. But that doesn't just occur when we're naive children, believing everything we hear. We do it our whole lives. Our family hides things from us. As do our friends. And even the government. Because they all believe it's the best thing, for no one to know.
But in reality, we're still being hurt by not knowing. The truth is something everyone deserves, whether or not they can take it. To be trapped in the shadows and living your life happily would be living in a lie. If you don't know what the truth is, how can you change it? If you don't know what the truth is, how can anything get better?
For example, I'll use an episode of Doctor Who. Remember when the Doctor and Amy were investigating Starship UK? How intimidated those children were by the clown statues? How everyone thought the ship was perfect. They had nothing to hide. Well, except for the creature being tortured with electric shocks to the brain. Without it, the ship would stop running and all of the passengers would eventually die. These people lived off of animal abuse.
What a sad story for the star whale. The people would eventually get to see what was happening on their ship, and be able to vote on it. Either to forget the experience or to stop the process. Each of those people chose to not handle the truth. Each of them chose to live a lie. Even the queen did. So take it from me, and from awesome science fiction, you need the truth. And if the truth is animal abuse, too fucking bad. Deal with it.

stay epic, my mofos

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You're Not Alone

Hello there, lonely human at their computer. I'd assume you're lonely, or you'd ask someone else for inspirational shit rather than reading my daily posts. It's okay, I understand. Don't get any Cheeto dust on the keyboard. But even if you're trying to wrap yourself in a cocoon and hide from humanity, we'll always be there. And we're all just like you.
Sometimes we feel the most lonely when we're with others, and the most accompanied when we're by ourselves. Because we know no one will leave. But that's playing it too safe. Almost cowardly. And we blame ourselves for it. Guess what, muthafucka? There's nothing wrong with you. You just fucking complain too much. And rather than interacting with other humans inn real life situations, you do that through Xbox Live parties. You disappoint me.
Just open your door, and humans will be waiting there with birthday cake. Metaphorical birthday cake. It's your choice whether or not to have fun. And it's as easy as admitting you're not right now.

stay epic, my mofos

Considering The Details

Life is a blue sometimes. We don't have the chance to pick it apart, piece by piece. So we just assume those little pieces don't exist. Most of the time, the details are the most important parts of life. They're what make the thoughts and experiences clearer. They're what makes everything count for what it is. Shit that important doesn't deserve to be ignored or overlooked. But we do it every day. We think things are what they are, not what they could be.
Maybe because it doesn't matter enough. You feel as though you shouldn't care to the point that details would be considered. It's a waste of time. And the details wouldn't matter, right? It is what it is. And you don't give a shit. Or maybe because you think you're wrong. It's a lie. Just a fucking joke. And to think about it as a real situation would just be stupid.
Life is more than what it appears to be. It unfolds itself. But you need to do some of the unfolding to see what's behind it. And it's pretty fucking awesome. Only if you search for it.

stay epic, my mofos